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In addition to the latest lens technology, fake Oakleys 2018 also released a new snow mirror product for the snow season. Including LINE MINER series equipped with Spectral Flame electronic heating lens technology, Fake Oakleys FLIGHT DECK series without border design.

It reduces the technical sense but has a smoother design. It combines the advantages of size with the lens vision of the CANOPY snow mirror series. At the same time, the AIRBRAKE snow mirror series retained the lens replacement function. (source)

Even in extremely cold conditions, the O MATTER frame material will comfortably fit snugly on the face.

The minimalist frame design enhances visibility and helmet compatibility.

It is closer to the face than the previous snow mirror, giving a wider view when looking down and on both sides. This is the only snow mirror with the new Spectra Radiant electronic heating lens technology, as well as standard Spectra lenses.

The fine frame notch at the joint between the headband buckle and the frame provides compatibility with most optical frames.

The increased lens design enhances the field of view

F3 anti-fog coated double-ventilated lens can effectively prevent fog condensation.

The CROWBAR is a versatile snow mirror that is simple in style and comfortable to wear. It features a streamlined frame design that expands the surrounding vision range.

Comfortable to wear: The O MATTER straps are durable and comfortable to wear.

Increase airflow: O-FLOW ARCH allows users to breathe easily, with unlimited airflow.

Comfortable throughout the day: three layers of foam plus a sweat-wicked fleece lining to ensure a comfortable fit all day.

PRIZM Spectra lenses: PRIZM Spectra lenses can clearly distinguish snow contours, ridges and textures.

With the interchangeable lens system of the snow mirror, the lens can be easily changed on the slope according to the specific situation. FLIGHT DECK XM has a larger field of view, while FLIGHT DECK is more suitable for women and teenagers.

Improved visibility: The low frame design adds visibility.

Compatibility: Compatible with most optical frames.

Anti-fog: Double-ventilated lenses with F2 anti-fog coating to eliminate fog.

PRIZM Spectra lenses: PRIZM Spectra lenses can clearly distinguish snow contours, ridges and textures.

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The dual air inlets on both sides of the fake Oakleys A-FRAME snow mirror reduce nasal pressure and maximum wind resistance and maintain eyeglass balance during fast skiing. The double-layer lens features F3 ANTI-FOG anti-fog technology to ensure a good line of sight during exercise. The A-FRAME snow mirror series has been upgraded to the ASIAN-FIT design, which is more suitable for Asian faces and provides a comfortable wearing experience.