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What is the difference between sports glasses and those fashionable Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Free Shipping? (source)

The most important difference is that the sports glasses should be comfortable to wear, not to beat or even fall off with the rhythm. The glasses should be as close as possible to the edge of the frame to prevent the influence of strong wind on the eyes.

Imagine that when you run a hundred meters, can you afford it? When you play basketball, when you are skiing in the mountains, can you freely ask for it?

Secondly, in the material, the lens must not be easily broken. The frame is tough, and resistant to impact, at least to protect the eyes during intense exercise.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Free Shipping

In a word, you can buy cheap Oakley Sunglasses free shipping due to its design. As for sports glasses, it must be light and appropriate. Otherwise it will greatly affect the performance of sports.

This is also the trouble of Rain Wang, a girl recently interviewed by the detective. As a triathlon and tennis enthusiast, she said that her face is big and her head is born. She can’t change it, but she really hopes to have a pair of glasses that fit her head! In this way, when riding, running, playing, you don’t have to adjust the sunglasses all the time, and the sports glasses will play a role in real wind protection.

After failing to make a variety of sports glasses brands, Rain decided to solve this problem by himself. Customizing sports glasses according to his own head shape. It is not only for himself, but also for every person who looks different.

Customization Is Not Just Changing Colors and Materials

The whole head 3D scan consists of millions of points, of which the humerus, brow bone, soft tissue, etc. are very important parts. After scanning imaging, Skelmet’s AI-Fit intelligent design algorithm automatically calculates and analyzes each person’s face width, nose, nose slope and height, temples and hundreds of latitude details, as well as the field of view.

The product 3D model generated by the algorithm is automatically transferred to the 3D printing system for production. Within a few days, you can get your own custom sports glasses.

In addition to light, sweat-resistant, impact-resistant, and anti-fog lenses, UV protection and other basic functions, you can customize sunglasses according to your eyesight prescription.

Although his face is large and flat, unlike the Europeans and the United States, Rain also found that some people have big noses and high cheekbones, which are squatting and going out. They are neither typical Asian faces nor European and American faces. Therefore, the needs of different people for the frame of glasses can not be distinguished only by the human race. The algorithm must be used for more accurate calculations, so that the produced sports glasses can be more suitable for each person’s face and skeleton.

Rain smiled and said that last summer, about four months, he was “seeking a scan” every weekend. For example, knowing where there is a cycling activity, run to the stalls. The outdoor sports club activity is a good time to scan. After a lap, it not only gets the head data, but also understands the real needs of outdoor sports people for sports glasses.

If you want to meet the sports needs of different scenes, do you need more cheap Oakley Ssunglasses? Rain believes that once the frame is suitable, different lenses can meet different scenes. For example, fishing is blue polarization; golf is pink without polarization; running is gray polarization; mountain bike is color changing lens and so on. Special ski goggles will be released early next year to meet the needs of more professional sports enthusiasts.