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”At first we did not bet anything for the glasses. They were so different from the ones that had until then that at first. We only ordered 1000 with the fear that they did not like cheap Oakley sunglasses wholesale,” he explains for ABC. They were lucky. The response from consumers was spectacular and in just 15 days they broke “stock”. “And from there without stopping to sell,” he says proudly. “We were lucky that in just a couple of years they liked it so much among the people”.

Today, Carrighan glasses are positioned in the most exclusive events, at Mutua Madrid Open in Caja Mágica, in “Starlite” in Marbella, in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and are sponsors of golf tournaments with “Hook & Slice », in addition to having collaborations with large companies. “We wanted to appear at the main events in Spain to give visibility and make us noticed,” he says. “We thought that these sites were very important areas to be. Whenever we can and leave us we will be there.”

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale

However, the business has not yet overcome them. Each one continues in their work at the same time as they manage the brand of glasses, which is increasingly widespread in our country and which has crossed borders to South America. I am a pilot and it is my passion and I will never stop doing it.

This is like a hobby, an undertaking, “he explains. We decided on cheap Oakley sunglasses free shipping  because it is a complement that everyone uses, although he says that his idea is to expand and start designing clothes or other types of accessories under the same signature. “As for now it has become very big and we do not have it very controlled yet, but we would like to expand in the future”.

Cheap Oakley sunglasses wholesale

There is no celebrity, artist, presenter or journalist who resists putting on cheap Oakley sunglasses wholesale. As good entrepreneurs, they began giving away glasses to friends and family to make themselves known. Everything works for friendships in the end. I sent them the glasses and then they loved them and put them on every day. He explains in a telephone conversation with this medium.

They were the first to introduce the “alliance” in our country. The price did not compete with the “low cost”, nor with the most expensive brands in the market. Today there are numerous firms. Some of them very recognized, such as Ray-Ban and Hawkers, who have opted for this type of sunglasses. The manufacture of his glasses is carried out in Hong Kong under the highest quality standards.

Anyone who wears Carrighan glasses can rest assured that they carry a warranty product. He weighed heavily in the decision to make his “todolente” that one of the founders, José Núñez, worked in the optical sector. Their glasses are approved by the CE, they have UV400 protection and category 3. For this summer they have risked a new model in which the saddle is velvet. “We keep the barilla the same because it is our essence.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale

When asked why they do not manufacture in Spain. They explain that “unfortunately, we do not have an optical industrial fabric that can offer a quality product at such a competitive price”. They also think that manufacturing in Asia is somewhat distorted and explain that previously they worked with other collections in Spain and “you can not compete.

Unfortunately, the sunglasses sector, especially in the online market, has marked a price range that makes it impossible to manufacture in Spain. We have also verified that the market values​the Spanish product, but is not willing to pay excessively for it “. Although the manufacture of cheap Oakley sunglasses wholesale is in Asia, the last phases of the product do them in our country: guarantee and quality filters, assembly, etc …